We create a safe space for your wildest dreams and a supportive team of female peerleaders beside you to reach your bold goals.

our WHY, HOW and WHAT

EXPEERTS.club is a women-only club and movement dedicated to connecting empowered women worldwide. Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5, we are driven by the need to ensure a fair and equal world and future for all. At EXPEERTS, we tackle gender inequality in the workplace and community by creating Social Learning Spaces and enabling Radical Connectedness among women.

We form teams of 5 women who meet weekly online to set ambitious goals, hold each other accountable, support each other unconditionally and share experiences and knowledge.

"By bringing together women from all continents of the world, EXPEERTS vision is to form a global force of connected, visionary, ready and inspired women, who take what they deserve."
"EXPEERTS.club means community, sharing and inspiration in a safe space. I like meeting, sharing, learning and being inspired by other amazing members from all over the world."
"I love that feeling of being connected. EXPEERTS means continuity. It is therefore vital to show up if anyhow possible: on a train ride, in a break. This network gives you support, knowledge and power. I often recommend this network to solopreneurs who are looking for guidance."
"For me EXPEERTS.club is a wonderful place to connect with women from all over the world and to cocreate with them amazing things together."