EXPEERTS.club is a community of amazing women striving to build radical connectedness.

EXPEERTS.club is a women-only club and movement dedicated to connecting empowered women worldwide.


We are driven by the need to ensure a fair and equal world and future for all.

At EXPEERTS, we tackle gender inequality in the workplace and community by creating Social Learning Spaces and enabling Radical Connectedness among women.



We form teams of 5 women who meet weekly online to set and achieve ambitious goals, hold each other accountable, support each other unconditionally and share experiences and knowledge.

Why us

We help each other live the life and career we really want.

Get in touch, we welcome new members on a daily basis!

"By bringing together women from all continents of the world, EXPEERTS vision is to form a global force of connected, visionary, ready and inspired women, who take what they deserve."