About Us

Our big purpose

Do we live in a fair world? No.

Our big purpose: #fiftyfiftyfastforward

Our credo: Every woman in this world has the right to shape her life and career in her own way. And this must also be visible structurally, in all laws and in women’s own bank accounts.

We are a community of impactful women worldwide. We build small accountability teams to ally and to support each other unconditionally. Because we deserve it. We achieve our individual (business) goals in order to move forward faster towards a fair future for all.

Why we are different

We know that we women are powerful and impactful.

To make that visible, we at EXPEERTs.club have each one a team of „peerleaders“ behind us who remind us weekly to want only the best for ourselves. When we women are doing well, the whole world is doing well.

peer leaders

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Bernice Yalley


Tealee A. Brown


Laura Kozub Dumas


Cloed Baumgartner


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The founders story

I am a feminist.
I have always been self-employed and have built and sold or closed various companies. In parallel, I also teach at universities, hold workshops as an innovation manager and I am a passionate mentor and community builder.

And I do all this alone every day.

I want so much to have a team with whom I can discuss my ups and downs and celebrate my successes and failures. I also want to talk about goals, discuss strategies, get honest feedback and someone to kick my ass.

All this is now available in EXPEERTs.club , a team of EXPEERTS for me and of course for you!

I know that we women talk and discuss among ourselves differently, that we deal with each other differently and can build more trust than in mixed teams. That’s why EXPEERts.club is #womxnonly and by invitation only.

We are similar, yet very different. We complement each other in a wonderful way.

Let us invite you too!

Best, Cloed Baumgartner