Yes, we charge a membership fee. You can cancel your membership any time.

For your first 12 week cycle, you will be matched with random EXPEERTS from all over the world (all valuable members as you are!) . With your first team you learn how to apply our method, how to be consistent, how to build radical connectedness.

Later, you will be in teams that we build around topics, values, goals. Or you may stick with your first team for ever 🙂 Magic will happen.

You learn how to apply the OKR (objectives and key results) framework for your own bold objectives. And we provide the accountability team for you.

You will learn from the expertise of the other members. You will learn how to be consistent. You will build habits.


We will have so called “meeting manuals” on special topics (f.e. how to become a rich bitch, how to be more inclusive and diverse, how to raise funding, how to delight your customers, ….more to come)

Afte a first round of learning our method, it will be up to you which meeting manuals you will follow with your team.

We recommend to stick to your team for the first 12 weeks. Afterward you are very welcome to restart another 12 week cycle with a new team in order to build radical connectedness with many impactful women worldwide.

EXPEERTS.teams meet in our virutal coworking space every TUESDAY at 8pm, 5pm or 7pm . You will decide with your team, which time slot fits best.

We have an “online club house” (our community platform for members only) where we gather all the informations about our members and all the content.

You will have your private space with your team to share your insights, dreams, challenges, uplifting content.