We are a community of impactful women who build small accountability teams to reach our individual (business) goals in order to move forward faster towards a fair future for all.


Our big purpose: Every EXPEERT feels safe, strong and confident at all times in the place she chooses for herself, where she has the most power, success and impact towards a fair future for all.

How does it work?

We would love to tell you in person! Make an appointement for a short 14 minute video call here below!

And what is in it for you?

That’s the most important thing after all: What are the benefits for YOU? How will we help YOU to achieve YOUR goals? We will tell you more in our 14 min video call.

You are the right fit….

* If you want to see change in the world and be surrounded with likeminded women

* If you know you are capable of more and want to realize your potential

* If you want to challenge your status quo/start a business/change your career

* If you need feedback, accountability partners, and a small team

* If you want to work focused and achieve your goals

* If you align with our big purpose of #fiftyfiftyfastforward and a fair future for all.

* If you align with our values of unconditional support for other women to help them shine and thrive.

We would be happy to tell you more in a short 14 minute video call.

We will explain the WHY and the purpose of EXPEERTS.CLUB and we will give you an idea about what we do for you and how it works.

We would love to get to know you a little better.

Let’s see if you like our big purpose and let’s figure out if our values align. Please make an appointment here: