All about EDI - equity, diversity & inclusion

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Shouldn’t we all educate ourselves on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion? Yes and that is why and JAMBA Bulgaria partnerd to co-create an impactful EDI course together with 58 international women.

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You will receive thematic input, spend designated time in self-reflection and learn from each other through valuable exchanges. You will also learn to set a 12-week goal, hold each other accountable and take turns leading the remote team and providing leadership.

All you need to do is book an hour in your calendar each week for your own training and put together a team. Because this course only works with a team of fellow learners.

Learning in a group of participants has never been so rewarding.



изтегляне на българската версия


Cloed Baumgartner ( and Joana Koleva (JAMBA Bulgaria) explain in this short video in english and bulgarian language, how and why we created the course and what you need to start. Enjoy!

How it all started ...

  • a kick off event in Vienna on 21 June, 2022
  • a kick off event in Sofia on 23 June, 2022
  • an online kick off event on 9 August, 2022

… and from there, 5 teams of women beta testers met on a weekly basis for 12 weeks to follow the meeting manuals and share feedback to help us improve the final version.

How it all ended ...

The core team:

Cloed Baumgartner

founder expeerts club

Joana Koleva

co-founder jamba

Tealee A. Brown

community manager


Stephanie Rank

EDI course


Julia Wallisch

EDI course


Thank you to all who participated in the co-creation of this course by contributing content and sharing feedback, by taking part in one of the events or as a member of one of the 5 test teams, who met for 12 weeks from August – November 2022.

A special THANK YOU to the core team, sparring partners & co-writers: Cloed Baumgartner, Joana Koleva, Stephanie Rank, Tealee A. Brown, Julia Wallisch

Adi Shachar. Aminata Diallo. Amy Iljas. Ana Curiel. Arbresha Talla. Charlotte Steenbergen. Christine Newald. Corinna Radu. Denisa Murataj. Diana Atanassova. Diana Osei. Emily Antoniadi. Fundiswa Mayekiso . Hannah Novak . Helene Pattermann. Isabella Keilani. Julia Cepp, Juliane Scherf . Karin Dögl. Karin Schmollgruber. Katerina Vasileva .Katja Teuchmann. Katja Tschöpe . Kosara Arabajieva. Laura Dumas Kozub. Lena Soroka. Lotte Krisper-Ullyet. Mamusu Kallon. Manuela Honegger. Maria Harismendy. Michelle Gilluly-Beham. Michelle Stuart. Mirela Juka. Mojisola Komaiya. Negin Martos. Rahel Baumgartner. Rebecca Binns. Sara Moosavi. Sarah Jane Dankin. Seba Kayan. Sharon Fru, Stefanie Egger. Susanne Korab. Svitlana Kalitsun. Tania Dimitrova. Tania Ilieva. Tebogo Matenge. Teresa Riosa. Tila Köstinger. Vanessa Angelova. Wiebke Lange. Yana Dimitrova. Yanka Trachuk

WEEK 12 celebration

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